How to Have a More Active Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a busy time for social gatherings and big meals around the table with friends and family. This typically means the holiday revolves around delicious food and not much activity. There are some fun ways to make your Thanksgiving a little more active, and here are a few of my favorite family-friendly activities that will keep you all off the sofa...

1. Get your game on

Thanksgiving television is a big thing for families, congregating around the TV to watch the football game or the Thanksgiving Day Parade. If you must watch TV, get a game going of your own in the yard first. Gather the family and shoot some hoops, toss the football, or throw the frisbee. Anything you choose will be fun and get the blood pumping - so it’s a win-win!

2. Take part in a turkey trot

Take a look on your community page for your city, and you’re bound to see a turkey trot. These are free running and walking events held during the Thanksgiving weekend. Gather the whole family for a day full of active fun. If you live in a more remote setting, you can host your own turkey trot. Why not involve your neighbors and your community by organizing one yourself?

3. Family walk time

Before dessert gets served, get everyone up to go for a walk. A lot of people put up Christmas lights during Thanksgiving weekend, and as the sun goes down, you might just be in for a beautiful treat as you walk around with your family. You could also have everyone find their favorite colorful, fallen leaf to take home and make a craft with. Let that be your new tradition. Then head back and enjoy your slice of pie!

4. Shop it off

Let’s not forget about Thanksgiving’s most popular activity, Black Friday. You don’t even need to exercise your credit card but all that walking around is good for the family. Try parking farther away to get more walking in and just enjoy the sights and sounds. It’s about spending time together actively, and Black Friday makes for a fun way to do it while getting that holiday shopping done.

In my family, I always encourage activity in between the meal and the dessert. One year, we all went to our neighborhood exercise room, and had a great workout before eating more. That year, I remember feeling so good at night. More often though, we have taken a long walk before dessert, which I think our digestive system really likes; a little break.

Let's also not forget about washing all those dishes...that counts, doesn't it?

Practice on or more of these activities I have shared and I bet you'll feel great at the end of your holiday. What does your family do to stay active during Thanksgiving?

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